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Radio 9090 to launch 3 new programs

Sun, Jul. 22, 2018

CAIRO – 22 July 2018: Three new programs will be launched by Radio Station 9090, one of which is assigned to comedian Mohammed Henedy.

Radio Station 9090 revealed that three new programs will be launched next Tuesday the 24th of July as a part of a plan to renovate the station’s daily programs and support it with a group of stars to provide a special program for their listeners/fans.

Comedian Henedy is at the top of the list of stars assigned to host programs in the station as his program will be broadcasted from Sunday to Thursday.

His program is called ‘Bawab Elemara’ (Janitor).

His program revolves around a Janitor in Cairo that faces new situations on a daily basis, situations in which Henedy (The Janitor in The Program) ends with an advice or a moral story to all the sectors of the Egyptian society.

Sherif Salah, Executive Director of Radio Station ‘9090’, said that the plan to renovate the stations daily program consisted of broadcasting two other programs, one is named ‘Bab Rezk’ (Bread Winning Opportunity), hosted by Yusri Elfakharany, and will be broadcasted from Sunday to Thursday at three pm for an hour. Elfakharani will invite different officials in the Egyptian Government and will roam different provinces during his episodes.

Elfakharny will also meet youth whom have a dream to start a small business, or have a certain goal/dream to achieve and Heroes in the different Egyptian provinces.

The third program is named ‘Agyal’ (Generations) hosted by Dr. Mohammed Refa’at and Fatma Mustafa every Thursday from twelve pm until two pm.

The program (‘Agyal’ – Generations) revolves around family concerns/matters, child nurturing and how to face sudden situations parents may face with their newborns.

The program also shares advice with parents on how to protect themselves and their youngsters from certain viruses or diseases that may harm the family.

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