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Nesma Abdel Aziz to perform at Cairo Opera house

Tue, Jul. 17, 2018
CAIRO – 17 July 2018: Famous marimba player, Nesma Abdel Aziz, will perform at Cairo Opera house on July 19.
Abdel Aziz is considered one of the contemporary music icons; she is the first marimba player in Egypt.

She participated in numerous concerts in Cairo Opera House such as Omar Khairat concerts.

Having her debut in 2001, Abdel Aziz founded her ensemble and released music pieces like "Marimba Fusion," and "Tico, Tico."

Abdel Aziz toured the world with her ensemble under the theme of "Spreading Happiness" and gained huge international success.

Abdel Aziz has dazzled audiences worldwide with her combination of classical and contemporary music, bringing together a unique blend of western and Arab instruments to create a whole new genre.
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