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2017 ACA Awards’ nominees announced

Sun, Jun. 24, 2018
CAIRO – 24 June 2018: Dear Guest magazine, the organizer of the 3rd Arabian Cinema Awards Festival (ACA), announced the nominees of the ACA Awards for movies produced in 2017.

The nominated winners were chosen by members of an academy consisting of a number of experts in Egypt’s film industry.

The nominees for the 2017 ACA Awards are as follows:

Best leading female role actress:

• Shereen Reda – “Photocopy”
• Nelly Kareem – “Bashtery Ragel” (Buying a Man)
• Hend Sabry – “Al Kenz” (The Treasure)
• Heba Ali – “Akhdar Yabes” (Withered Green)
• Dina al Sherbeeny – “Gawab E’tekal” (A Letter of Detention)

Best leading male role actor:

• Ahmed Ezz – “Al Khaleya” (The Cell)
• Ahmed al Feshawy – “Sheikh Jackson”’
• Mohammed Saad – “Al Kenz”
• Ahmed Magdy – “Ali, Ma’za Wa Ibrahim” (Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim)
• Amro Saad – “Mawlana’’ (The Preacher)

Best leading male comedian:

• Ahmed Eid – “Yabani Asli” (Original Japanese)
• Akram Hosny – “Bank el Haz” (The Bank of Luck)
• Mohammed Mamdouh – “Bank el Haz”
• Mohammed Henedy – “Antar Ibn Ibn Ibn Ibn Shaddad”

Best leading female comedian:
• Iman el Sayed – “Yabani Asli”
• Dorra – “Antar Ibn Ibn Ibn Ibn Shaddad”
• Shaimaa Seif – “Aman Ya Sahby” (Secure, my Friend)
• Hala Sedky – “Akher Deek Fe Masr” (The Last Cock in Egypt)

Best supporting male actor:

• Ahmed Malek – “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Fat-hy Abdulwahab – “Horoob Eterary” (Forced Escape)
• Asmaa Fawzy – “Akhdar Yabes”
• Basma – “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Salwa Mohammed Ali – “Ali, Ma’za Wa Ibrahim”

Best film production:

• “Al Asleyeen” (The Originals)
• “Al Khaleya”
• “Photocopy”
• “Mawlana”
• “El Sheikh Jackson”
• “Al Kenz”

Best director:

• Tarek Al Eryan for “Al Khaleya”
• Marwan Hamed for ‘”Al Asleyeen”
• Shereef al Bendar for “Ali, Ma’za Wa Ibrahim”
• Amro Salama for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Mohammed Hammad for “Akhdar Yabes”

Best montage:

• Ahmed Hafez for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Ahmed Hafez for “Al Asleyeen”
• Ahmed Hamdy for “El Khaleya”
• Dalia Al Nasser for “Al Kenz”
• Mohammed al Sharkawy & Mohammed Hammad for “Akhdar Yabes”

Best Make-up artist:

• Tarek Mustafa for “Al Asleyeen”
• Mohammed Yusuf for “Al Khaleya”
• Shereef Helal for “Al Kenz”
• Tarek Mustafa for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Tarek Mustafa for “Photocopy”

Best hairstylist:

• Sabry Abd el Dayem for “Photocopy”
• George Refa’at/Haitham Dahab/Ahmed Rezk for “Al Asleyeen”
• Haitham Dahab for “Al Khaleya”

Best decorist:

• Mohammed Ateya for “Al Asleyeen”
• Ahmed Fayez for “Ali, Ma’za Wa Ibrahim”
• Hend Haidar for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Anas Abu Seif for “Al Kenz”
• Mohammed Ateya for “Al Khaleya”

Best sound montage:

• Ahmed Abu el Saad for “Al Kenz”
• Sara Kadoori for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Sebastian Tyche for “Ali, Ma’za Wa Ibrahim”
• Amro Aloush for “Horoob Eterari”
• Islam Haseeb for “Bank el Haz”

Best director of photography:

• Mazen al Motagawel for “Al Khaleya”
• Ahmed al Morsy for “Al Asleyeen”
• Ahmed Beshara for “Mawlana”
• Ahmed Beshara for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Ayman Abu el Makarrem for “Al Kenz”

Best sound mix:

• Ahmed Gaber for “Al Khaleya”
• Ahmed Abu el Saad for “Al Asleyeen”
• Stephan De Dequincy for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Ahmed Abu el Saad for “Al Kenz”
• Tarek Aloush for “Horoob Eterari”

Best visual effects:

• Aroma for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Yasser el Naggar for “Al Kenz”
• Yasser el Naggar for “Al Khaleya”
• Yasser el Naggar for “Al Asleyeen”
• Hany el Maghrabi & Squids for “Horoob Eterari”

Best soundtrack:

• Hisham Nazeeh for “Al Asleyeen”
• Sari for “Al Khaleya”
• Hisham Nazeeh for “Al Kenz”
• Mohammed Shafique for “Horoob Eterari”
• Layal Watfa for “Photocopy”

Best scenarist:

• Mohammed Hammad for “Akhdar Yabes”
• Ibrahim Essa for “Mawlana”
• Ahmed Morad for “Al Asleyeen”
• Salah Al Jihini for “Al Khaleya”
• Inas lotfy for “Bashtery Ragel”

Best song:

• “Shar we Khair” by Asala & Eseely for “Al Khaleya”
• “El Laf Fel Shaware’e” (Roaming the Streets) by Mohammed Mohsen for “Ali, Ma’za and Ibrahim”
• Mohammed Mohsen for “Ali, Ma’za and Ibrahim”
• “El Hob el Mostaheel” (Impossible Love) for “Al Kenz” by Nesma Mahgoub
• “Wara el Shababeek” (Behind Windows) by Elissa & Tamer Hosny for “Tesbah Ala Khair” (Good Night)
• “Horoob Eterari” by MTM for “Horoob Eterari”

• Best stylist:

• Malak Thu el Faqqar for “Al Kenz”
• Reham Assem for “Al Khaleya”
• Kholoud Saad for “Akhdar Yabes”
• Reem al Adl for “El Sheikh Jackson”
• Islam Yusuf for “Antar Ibn Ibn Ibn Ibn Shaddad”

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