Mohamed Salah Mural June 10,2018-Egypt Independent, Hend El Behary Mohamed Salah Mural June 10,2018-Egypt Independent, Hend El Behary

Mohamed Salah'smural displayed in New York's Times Square

Sun, Jun. 17, 2018
CAIRO- 14 June 2018:Visual Artist, Brandan Odums (BMike), partnered with the Egyptian Liverpool star,Mohamed Salah, to create a mural of his face in New York's Times Square.

Brandan was inspired by Salah’s face and beard when he saw him on Television.
Salah’s mural shows him wearing the white Egyptian association jersey on a background painted in red and white. The most noticeable part in the artwork is Salah’s hair and beard; they take up most of the mural’s space and they’re decorated with Egyptian patterns and pictures of Mohamed Salah playing football.

Brandan commented on the sentence "Larger than Life" painted on the mural, saying “so many people celebrate his power on the field and what he represents off the field. So, a lot of him looking down is this way of being humble but yet he’s large. He could just look over everyone but yet he’s still focusing on the people.”

Salah commented on his love for the mural and the Egyptian people, saying “Egypt, you know, people, they only want to go to the World Cup but now after what I’m doing they want to win the World Cup. For me, as a footballer, it’s something different to see myself anywhere in street art.”

Salah was titled as BBC’s African Player of the Year in 2017 and The Best African Player in February 2018 by France Football. He also earned the title of top scorer of Europe’s top five leagues in 2018 and also he is the fourth African player to score more than 20 goals in the English Premier League.

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