Netflix promotes for its Ramadan soap operas by a program entitled "One Thousand Episodes and One Episode" – Egypt Today Netflix promotes for its Ramadan soap operas by a program entitled "One Thousand Episodes and One Episode" – Egypt Today

Netflix launches program to promote its Ramadan series

Sun, May. 20, 2018
CAIRO – 20 May 2018: Netflix promoted for its Ramadan soap operas by a program entitled "One Thousand Episodes and One Episode". The second episode of Netflix's Ramadan program was named "Our Mother the Ghula".

Netlfix brings to its viewers this Ramadan a collection of Arabic movies and series for all binge-watchers.

"Kteer Kbeer" Very Big Shot

The 2015 Lebanese film is directed and written by Mir-Jean BouChaaya. It revolves around brothers Ziad and (Alain Saadeh) and Joe (Tarek Yaacoub), who run a small drug dealing business through their pizzeria at one of Beirut’s working class districts.

Their third brother, Jad, has been serving five years in prison for a crime committed by his brother Ziad. Ziad could convince his brothers to take on the last job and run one last shipment of drugs to Syria before retiring from this life of crime, but when things went out of control in Syria they found themselves with a huge quantity of drugs.

The film made its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival in 2015, and won the Golden Star Prize at Marrakech Film Festival.

"Inshallah Istafadit" (Blessed Benefit)

Released in August 2017 in Germany, the comedy and drama film casts light on Jordan’s friendly prison system; when an elderly contractor is sentenced to three months in prison over a minor fraud charge, he could meet new people there. He realized at the end that his life in prison was better than the one he had outside.

The movie, directed by Mahmoud al Massad, participated in Cannes Film Festival in 2012, and received the Shasha Script Award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2011, Best Pitching Project ARTE in 2011, and the Global Film Initiative Award in 2012.

"Hajwala: The Missing Engine"

The adventure-driven movie, released across the UAE on September 29, 2016, follows the often illegal street car racing, through Khaled, who is fond of it to the extent that he decided to make his own car with a never before powerful engine.

"Zinzana" (Rattle the Cage)

The Kuwaiti film, released in 2015, was selected for London Film Festival, Beyond Fest, and Fantastic Fest. The crime, drama and thriller film revolves around a man named Talal (SalehBakri), who was trapped in a prison cell (Zinzana). Being behind bars is the least important of Talal's problems, as he is forced to play a madman's game to save his family.

"Just Like Us"

Egyptian American director Ahmed Ahmed’s film, Just Like Us, was an official selection for Tribeca Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, and The London International Documentary Festival.

Ahmed could take the audience on a hilarious tour from Dubai to Beirut and from Riyadh to New York with a gaggle of stand-up talent, exploding taboos of culture and geopolitics.

"Speed Sisters"

The documentary film, released in 2017, shows how powerful Arab girls are as it features the Middle East’s first all-woman street car racing team from Palestine.

"Secret of the Nile"

The Egyptian series "Grand Hotel", known as "Secret of the Nile" on Netflix, has just become the first Arabic series to ever be featured on Netflix.

This series is based on a Spanish show of the same name, thus prompting the Egyptian version’s name to be changed to "The Secret of the Nile" on Netflix.

Netflix has become a global monster, bringing together audiences worldwide to enjoy series from all across the world. And now, with Egypt at the forefront, the world will get a taste of Arab talent with the wildly popular "Grand Hotel" series. English and Greek subtitles ensure the show will reach an even wider audience base.
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