Hassan Rashid with Chairman of Cairo Opera House Magdy Saber – Press Photo Hassan Rashid with Chairman of Cairo Opera House Magdy Saber – Press Photo

Original score of first Egyptian Opera gifted to Cairo Opera

Wed, Feb. 21, 2018
The grandson of the great musician Sayed Rashid, Hassan Rashid, who residesin the United States, giftedthe original score sheets of “Antonio’s Death” Opera to Egypt’s Opera House, Chairman of Cairo Opera House Magdy Saber announced.

Saber said that the sheets are extremely valuable, both artistically and historically,as they are the scores to the first Egyptian opera evercomposed and presented at Egypt’s Opera House in 1947.

He added that Rashid was inspired by local and popular stories and appliedaninternational style in his composition. After producing “Antonio’s Death”, Rashid’s reputation becamewell-known.

The plot of the opera is inspired by the play“Cleopatra’s Death”, which waswritten by the great poet Ahmed Shawqi. “Antonio’s Death” is composed of three chaptersrevolving around the life of Roman leader Antonio.

This is part of the ministry of culture’s initiative “Your Heritage is a Responsibility,” launched by the book house in BakAl-Khalk onMondayJanuary22.

This initiative aims to gather and document Egyptian heritage in all fields by collaborating with society. The campaign is under the supervision of Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem and the Head of General Organization of Books andNationalDocuments Ahmed al-Shouki.

The campaign addresses all Egyptians who have any kind of rare, valuable documents or media content related to Egyptian heritage. People can submit these documents to the Organization of Books and National Documents to preserve them for academic and scientific purposes and for the benefit of society.
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