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The Netflix singles Valentine’s Day survival binge

Mon, Feb. 12, 2018
CAIRO – 12 February 2018: Why would you spend your time searching for the love of your life, when you can binge watch your favorite TV show. That includes your favorite dream actor in the lead role. Let’s face, it no one will ever measure up to his/her level.

This Valentine’s Day, Netflix wants to help you take your mind of the season love by releasing a complete list of the top 10 shows people have binge-watched in Egypt.

My First Binge-Egypt
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Back in 2012, it took people 20 days to complete a TV show, but now it would take around three days to complete the equivalent of five years worth of TV. Netflix has been watching their users’ behaviors and has found that it only takes 12 days after one’s subscription to start bingeing.

In Egypt, Narcos came out on top as the most popular show that people have binged first, with Breaking Bad, 13 Reasons Why, House of Cards and Stranger Things were in the runner-up positions. Shows that are filled with action and suspense, like Orange Is the New Black, Marvel’s Daredevil and The 10 have been named the Top 10 first binges in Egypt, along with Suits and Spartacus, that start a conversation and push boundaries.

So, do you remember your first binge? And what was it?
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