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Silhouette theatrical troupe’s next performance

Tue, Jan. 30, 2018

Silhouette theatrical troupe announced their next pantomime performance is going to be “Silent Night”, which will take place at AUC’s Falaki Theater on Saturday.

The “Silent Night” show is an independent project that has been established by Silhouette troupe, which aims to bring a very important acting technique back to life and give it a greater exposure level, while also providing audiences with variety to satisfy various tastes among the attendants by providing three separate story lines for the same show.

Ahmed Ghareeb, Radwa Ghareeb, Amr Resha and Iman El-Moselhy will be the acting cast of the show and the performance will be divided into three chapters. The first is called “Al-Khalq” (The Creation), which is music scored by Yasmin Kourdy and created, directed and performed by Abdelrahman El-Kady. The second chapter is named “Moml”, and this chapter is created, directed and performed by Abdullah Sultan, with the music score by Sara Shaheen. The final chapter is called “Pascalia”, which is created and directed by Abdulrahman El-Kady and performed by him and Abdullah Sultan.

Silhouette theatrical troupe was established in the year 2012. The troupe specializes in pantomime and mime shows, which are silent acts that depend on body expressions accompanied with expressive music, as the theatrical group aims to satisfy attendants by providing happiness and maximum joy through the pantomime and mime art.

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