The film’s official poster - Photo courtesy of the official event’s page on Facebook.  The film’s official poster - Photo courtesy of the official event’s page on Facebook.

Egyptian film 'Villa 69' to screen at Magnolia

Mon, Jan. 22, 2018
CAIRO – 22 January 2018: “Villa 69” film (2013) will screen at Magnolia Leaves of Art on Thursday January 25.

The film revolves around Hussein, a renowned architect, who became severely ill which forced him to be isolated in his old huge family home, creating his own routine, until his sister and her grandson come to live with him.

They start to disturb his well established lifestyle. His sister’s grandson together with his music band help Hussein to rethink his beliefs about love, career and the meaning of life.

The film is directed by Ayten Amin, an Egyptian director known for co-directing "Saabe' Gaar" (Seventh Neighbor) (TV Series) (2017-2018). She also co-directed "Tahrir 2011", a documentary that received the UNESCO award at the Venice Film Festival, among other numerous international awards.

The film stars Khaled Abol Naga who plays Hussein, the main character. According to IMDb’s description, Abol Naga is a “heart-throb pan-Arab movie star” from Egypt. He is known internationally as a producer, cinema/theater actor and theatrical director; he participated in many international artistic projects such as his American debut movie "Civic Duty" in 2007.

Abol Naga’s latest film “The Unknown Sweet Potato Seller" has been awarded the Best Animation Film prize at the Miami Short Film Festival in the U.S on Wednesday, according to a post on Tara Emad‘s official Instagram account.

"Villa 69" had its world premiere at the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival. Also, in 2013-2014, Abol Naga made an artistic groundbreaking by winning almost ALL available Best Actor awards at the local film festivals in Egypt for his exceptional interpretation of how a successful person who has a solid life experience may face illness and death in "Villa 69". He has also received numerous Best Actor prizes from various international festivals.
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