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Angham and Mohamed Abdou to perform in Bahrain on January 25

Mon, Jan. 22, 2018
CAIRO – 22 January 2018: The famous Egyptian singer Angham and the veteran Saudi singer Mohamed Abdou will perform a concert in Bahrain on January 25.

Angham is a popular Egyptian singer who started her artistic career in 1987. She is expected to present in the concert a group of her famous songs such as "Etegah Wahed" (One direction), "Toul ma enta be'ed" (as long as you are far), "Akteblak Ta3ahod" (I sign to you a pledge), "Mahzoma" (Defeated), among other popular songs.

Angham was the best-selling female pop artist in 2003. She is famous for her wide vocal range and romantic style.

Abdou is one of the most renowned singers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. He is dubbed “The Artist of Arabs” because of his popularity.

Abdou released numerous successful songs and albums throughout his artistic career that spanned over 50 years, such as "El Amaken" (The places), "Bo’ad Wala Orybeen" (Are you far or near?), among others. His earliest releases were religious chants and Quran reciting.
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