Ahmed El Sakka and Ahmed Rezk in a scene from “Serry Le Al-Gha’aya” movie - Facebook Ahmed El Sakka and Ahmed Rezk in a scene from “Serry Le Al-Gha’aya” movie - Facebook

El-Sakka defends 'Serry Le Al-Gha’aya' movie

Fri, Jan. 19, 2018
CAIRO – 19 January 2018: Famous Egyptian actor Ahmed el-Sakka issued a statement on his official Facebook page on Tuesday replying to the severe criticism he was subjected to after the release of a photo of a scene from “Serry Le Al-Gha’aya” (Extremely Confidential), in which he depicts President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Social media users accused el-Sakka of being a hypocrite as the movie will feature Sakka as President Sisi, accusing him of trying to get closer to the Egyptian President and the regime. El-Sakka said in the statement that he was subjected to a severe criticism and insults not only for him but to his parents, wife and children.

“Dear fans and friends who insulted me, because of performing a role in a movie that is not released yet, me and my colleagues are working in an important movie named “Serry Le Al-Gha’aya” that depicts a critical and important part of Egypt’s history that all the Egyptians have witnessed” stated el-Sakka.

El-Sakka explained that this movie was tailor made to clarify important facts to Egyptians, not to mock the Muslim Brotherhood or the previous president Mohamed Morsy. El-Sakka added that he plays the role of Sisi who was the Minister of Defense at that time, and that he is proud to perform such character. “You rush to a negative judgment of an objective and fair movie that give each character their rightful portrayal, even the negative characters are portrayed in a respectable way, I love Egypt and I am not hypocrite.”

More than 20 megastars will have roles in the movie. Mohamed Ramadan will have a cameo appearance in five or six scenes, portraying two characters, first as a soldier and the second is yet to be revealed.

The movie depicts Egypt’s history from the beginning of the uprising against Hosni Mubarak on January 25, 2011 until the ousting of Mohamed Morsi on June 30, 2013. The film will also include the terrorist attacks and disturbances that occurred during this time.

Tarek Lotfy will play the role of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed el-Beltagy, Ahmed Rizk is former President Mohamed Morsi, Nabil al-Halafawy is former Defense Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi and Ahmed Bedeir portrays a terrorist leader.
The movie’s budget is the highest of any Egyptian production to date at an estimated LE 200 million.

Adel Emam will play himself on screen for the first time. He is in one scene attending a press conference for Sisi. This historic movie is written by the renowned writer Waheed Hamed and directed by Mohamed Sami. The film has no release date as of yet.
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