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Plans commence in revamping and preserving old Cairo’s heritage

Wed, Jan. 3, 2018
CAIRO – 3 January 2018: Cairo governorate is expected to develop and renovate several historical areas and buildings in the capital as part of government plans to revamp old Cairo and preserve the country’s heritage, according to a released statement by Cairo Heritage Development Committee.

Egyptian areas and buildings that are expected to be renovated include the historical hotel Cosmopolitan where around 60% of renovation works have been completed and a total of 28 old buildings that will be developed through funds provided by the National Bank of Egypt.

Some of the stores and shops located in this area will be recreated into art galleries and libraries. Other old stores will be revamped into shops that sell antiquities and handmade crafts.

The renovation projects conducted by the committee include developing photography centers, libraries, and video art galleries.

The committee is also expected to introduce more cultural activities in downtown in efforts to meet the capital’s objectives in preserving heritage. Several suggestions have been tackled during the meetings of the committee including preserving the architectural upfront of Cairo’s buildings that portray the country’s political and cultural history.

Other suggestions include holding an annual roaming art festival conducted by the capital that will take place in “Behler” alley located in downtown and is connecting Kasr El Nile Street with Talaat Harb Street.

Some of the old coffee shops such as “La Pass” in Kasr El Nile Street will reopen, featuring book gatherings and operates as a place catering artists and cultural intellects. The committee is currently working on commencing projects developing Khedive Cairo.
Cairo Heritage Development Committee has been established in 2016 and presided by Ibrahim Mehleb.

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