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Opera House to celebrate 31st death anniversary of Ahmed Sedky

Wed, Jan. 3, 2018
CAIRO – 3 January 2017: The Opera House will celebrate the 31st death anniversary of musician Ahmed Sedky by holding two concerts in Cairo and Alexandria on January 4 and a concert in Damanhour on January 5.

One of the concerts will be held in the Great Hall at Cairo Opera House by Abdel Halim Noireh Ensemble for Arab Music led by Salah Ghobashy; the other will be held in Sayed Darwish Theatre in Alexandria by Alexandria Opera Ensemble for Music and Arab Singing, led by Abdel Hameed Abdel Ghaffar. The third concert will be performed in Damanhour Opera House, led by conductor Ihab Abdel-Hamid. During the three concerts, the works of the late musician will be presented.

Sedky was born on October 4, 1916, in Al-Ayyat, Giza. Realizing Sedky’s talent, his father encouraged him to learn music in the Arab Music Institute besides his studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts; hence, he was known as the Arab music sculptor.

He preserved the oriental musical style in his works and made music for theatrical shows. While Sedky was known for his talent in composing music, he also developed his creativity in sculpturing.

Sedky was awarded the certificate of appreciation by late President Anwar el-Sadat. After achieving great success in many fields, he died on January 14, 1987, at the age of 71.

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