Mise-en-scène program - Photo courtesy of Mise-en-scène official event page Mise-en-scène program - Photo courtesy of Mise-en-scène official event page

Female portrayals in Egyptian cinema to be discussed Tuesday

Tue, Dec. 5, 2017
CAIRO – 5 December 2017: “Mise-en-scène”, a series of programs for the screening and discussion of films, will hold its first program Tuesday and Wednesday at Townhouse Rawabet in Downtown, an Egyptian performing art initiative.

This edition’s program focuses on the representation of women in the cinematic adaptations of the work of Ehsan Abdel Qodous, a famous Egyptian writer who often dealt with women’s issues in his works, and whose books are known to have been frequently adapted in film.

The program plans to consider the treatment of female characters in cinema with respect to gender roles and stereotypes, according to the event’s official Facebook page.

Directed by Henry Barakat “Thin Thread” will be screened on Tuesday and followed by a discussion The led by women’s rights advocate Doaa Abdelaal. Abdelaal’s work focuses on the political aspect of women in society, political awareness, political participation, civic engagement, social movements, and gender dynamics. She works toward enhancing women’s leadership capacities in political transitions.

The program will also screen another film that is an adaptation of Abdel Qodous’ “I Am Free”, directed by Saleh Abu Seif. The discussion that follows will be led by Samia Mehrez, an Arabic Literature professor. Mehrez’s work focuses on translation studies, modern Arabic literature, postcolonial literary studies, and gender studies. Nour El Safoury, a writer on Egyptian film, art, and culture, will be moderating the discussion.
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