Spanish Singer Maria Del Mar - Photo courtesy of Cairo Opera House press release Spanish Singer Maria Del Mar - Photo courtesy of Cairo Opera House press release

Spanish singer Maria Del Mar to perform in Egypt

Wed, Nov. 22, 2017
CAIRO – 22 November 2017: Popular Spanish singer Maria Del Mar Bonet will give a music performance at Cairo Opera House's Main Hall on Friday.The concert is a part of her international tour to celebrate the 50th year of her music singing career, according to Cairo Opera House’s press release.

Talented Spanish and Egyptian musicians will accompany Bonet in her concert, including Danny Espaza on accordion, Jordi Jasper on Bass, Antonio Sanchez on percussions, Ragy Kamel on Qanoun, Salah el-Ghareeb on Oud, in addition to Spanish guitarist Borga Binalba and music composer and percussionist Hossam Ramzy. In the concert, she will perform a selection of Spanish and Egyptian songs; such as “The Jasmine Flower has Been Lost” and “It is Moving.”

Bonet began her career in 1967 and was awarded several international prizes such as the Best Foreign Album award from Charles Cross Academy, and Crio de Saint Jordi from the Catalonian government. She has previously performed in many countries including the United States, as well as many European and Arab countries.
Bonet is one of the unique voices of the Mediterranean region who has participated in joint performances with many international singers.

Bonet considers Egypt one of the most important sources of inspiration, and she is so proud to be performing at the Cairo Opera House. Bonet mentioned in the press release that music allows space for global dialogue since it is a language understood by all humans.
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