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You Were Never Really Here’ screening at PEFF

Sat, Nov. 11, 2017
CAIRO – 11 November 2017: "You Were Never Really Here," a 2017 American/French movie featuring Joaquin Phoenix will be part of the 10th edition of the

Panorama of the European Film Festival,

screening on Saturday, November 11.

Also titled "A Beautiful Day," the film comes from director Lynne Ramsey, known for 2011’s "We Need To Talk About Kevin." Here, Phoenix leads the film as Joe, a grizzled veteran now turned to hitman killer, who primarily targets those involved in human trafficking. Haunted by his past and by the horrors of his current job, Joe struggles to maintain his sanity.

A routine job turns out to be more than he bargained over after Joe is tasked by a Politician to retrieve his kidnapped teenage daughter, and is allowed to be as violent as he wants to be. As he navigates the heinous world of human corruption, Joe must deal with his own demons in order to save not only the girl, but himself.

“You Were Never Really Here” won two awards from the Cannes Film Festival; ‘Best Actor’ for Phoenix and ‘Best Screenplay’ for Lynne Ramsay. It was also nominated for the ‘Palm D’Ore’ award.

The Panorama of the European Film Festival runs from November 8 until November 18.
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