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Abu Dhabi Classics program unveils new shows

Thu, Nov. 2, 2017
CAIRO – 2 November 2017: The Abu Dhabi Classics program, which began on Thursday, October 12, has recently unveiled its latest selections of shows, which include ballet recitals, piano performances and more.

The Abu Dhabi Classics is an annual concert dedicated to showcasing the talents of contemporary musicians from across the world that excel in classical music, bringing together skills of the present with musical classics such as Beethoven. The program commenced with the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra from Switzerland, who played a rendition of Beethoven’s 4th symphony and other romantic era music.

Starting on November 9, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Trombone Trio will be performing pieces by Johannes Brahms and Franz Schubert at Al-Ain’s Bin Hamoodah Fort. Hailing from Amsterdam, the trio performed all around the world and are composed of Bart Claessens and brothers Nico Schippers and Martin Schippers. This time, they will be playing alongside pianist Jereon Bal.

On December 5 and December 6, the Emirates Palace will be graced with one of the world’s oldest orchestras, the Staatskapelle Dresden from Germany, which began in 1548. Composer Rudolf Buchbinder will join the concert to perform a rendition of five of Beethoven’s piano concertos. Buchbinder is no stranger to such an impressive feat, having previously performed all of Beethoven’s piano concertos back in 2007 with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

February 7 and 8 is when Seong-Jin Cho will debut in the Middle East. This South Korean pianist quickly rose to international acclaim after winning the 2015 International Chopin Piano Competition. From humble beginnings, the young pianist has quickly risen to perform alongside some of the world’s grandest orchestras. Cho will be performing works from his favorite composers, such as Debussy and Chopin.

Topping it all off on April 20 is a ballet performance by the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theatre at the Emirates Palace. Titled "Le Corsaire," this ballet combines high-seas swashbuckling action and romantic love, following a pirate named Conrad who travels the seas to save his lover Medora. Moscow’s Ivan Vasiliev and Ekaterina Krysanova will be performing with direction by Vadim Pisarev.
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