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Gary Numan returns to fame with Arab inspired album ‘Savage’

Thu, Oct. 26, 2017
CAIRO – 26 October 2017: Singer Gary Numan, famous back in the 1980s for his single “Cars” and struggling to regain his former glory in recent years, has a newfound fame with the release of his newest album “Savage (Songs from a Broken World).”

A cautionary dystopian tale, “Savage” is a concept album that reflects the most pressing issues of our time such as climate change. The costumes use a middle-eastern flair that bring to mind fantastic locations such as “Star Wars’s” desert worlds. The album serves as a way of starkly criticizing the Trump administration and ignorance over the reality of climate change. It is a future where the earth is a vast desert and man struggles to survive.

Speaking to The National, Numan remarked that he was brought to tears by the success of the album, which was crowdfunded. The album hit #2 at the top of British Charts. The album answered a question haunting him for some time, which is whether he had anything of value to say with his work.

The middle-eastern influence carries beyond looks however; the music of the album contains telltale Arab drums and melodies. As Numan explains to The National, “That part comes from a long-term interest in music from that part of the world.”

“Ever since I moved from London to Los Angeles to live, I have had my mind more open to listen to different kinds of music, particularly (Iranian-American singer) Azam Ali quite a lot, which has been useful.”

Released on September 15, the album’s success marks a promising new direction in the career of a veteran pop star that had faded from the public eye.

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