Fragmented from a promotional material [Photo: Event official Facebook page] Fragmented from a promotional material [Photo: Event official Facebook page]

'The Show Goes On' to stage at Al-Falaki Theatre

Thu, Oct. 12, 2017
CAIRO – 12 October 2017: A series of plays, “The Show Goes On,” will be hosted at the Falaki Theater in AUC's Tahrir Campus from October 13 to October 23.

Three different theatrical performances shed light on the condition of the Egyptian woman.

“Hal al-Dafayer” [Untangling the Braids] is the first theatrical show in the event. It will stage from October 13 to October 15.

The play reflects the inner feelings of a young girl while she is talking to a stranger who tells her a series of stories. “Hal al-Dafayer" is written by Sally Zohny and Mohamed Fouad, and is directed by Mohamed Fouad Abdeen.

The second show is a monodrama play called “45," staging from October 16 to October 18.
It tells the story of a 45-year-old lady who is hospitalized, and is trying to regain her consciousness. In her attempt, she sees all her life's events and decisions.

“45” staged before in Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan, and is directed by Nada Thabet.

“Hikayaat Khat Al-Om” [Stories of a Mother’s Lines] is the last part of “The Show Goes On” theatrical event.

Twelve Egyptian women will stand on stage and narrate their experiences as mothers, daughters and grandmothers.

“Hikayaat Khat Al-Om” project was first performed in the U.S.A, and will be performed for the first time in Egypt from October 20 to October 23.

“The Show Goes On” is an initiative by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and Wogood Production Company that aims to support female writers and directors.
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