Photo courtesy of Safarkhan Art Gallery Photo courtesy of Safarkhan Art Gallery

Safarkhan to display Leila Izzet’s latest art collection

Sun, Oct. 8, 2017
CAIRO – 8 October 2017: Safarkhan art gallery is hosting the latest exhibition by abstract artist Leila Izzet starting October 26.

The exhibition, “Explosion,” will feature Izzet’s latest collection, depicting “human figures, anonymous and featureless in their shapely non-geometric composition,” according to a press release by Safarkhan. In addition, the artist’s artwork will also display her trademark horse imagery with their perpetual movement and boundless energetic flair.

Photo courtesy of Safarkhan Art Gallery

Izzet’s art career spans four decades of expressionistic, abstract and animal-themed paintings; and her work has been recognized and displayed in New York, Paris, Geneva, and Madrid.

artist Leila Ezzat

The exhibition will continue until November 24, as part of Safarkhan’s artistic year. The show willfeature new undiscovered talents as well as rediscovering the old masters.
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