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Non-Egyptian movies about the 6th of October War

Sat, Oct. 7, 2017
CAIRO – 6 October 2017: Egypt defeated Israel on October 6, 1973. That day marks 44 years since the miraculous victory. While many Egyptian films have been made celebrating the army’s heroic efforts, there are also films on the other side of the conflict, telling Israel’s story. Egypt Today takes a look at 7 of them;

InSight/Teum Kavanot (2003) – Dir. Eyal Halfon
InSight image via IMDB

Set a month after the end of the war, a soldier named David must come to terms with the fact that his childhood friend, who was member of a Tank crew has vanished. He is forced to deal with the very real possibility that he has lost a good friend during the bloody war.

Kippur (2000) – Dir. Amos Gitai

Kippur is told from the perspective of Israeli soldiers during the war. It deals less with the conflict between sides and more of the psychological tension that occurs during battle. The movie uses surreal scenes to portray the separation of reality the men in war feel. Kippur won the Best Sound Award during the 2000 Awards of the Israeli Film Academy.

The Last Winter (1984) – Dir. Riki Shelach Nissimoff

The Last Winter poster via IMDB

Two women, looking for their husbands, find themselves in a difficult situation after they both identify their husband in a foreign newsreel; however, the footage is so blurred the husband could belong to either one of them. However, only one is right, only one will be able to find her husband. The story leads to a tragic predicament.

Missing Father (2009) – Dir. Yair Elazar

This documentary details director Elazar’s efforts to come to terms with the death of his father, Lieutenant General David Elazar, 30 years later. Elazar tries to understand the choices his father made, a way for him to make peace with a man who put the military before his family.

Lost Embrace/El abrazo partido (2004) – Dir. Daniel Burman

Set in Buenos Aries, Jewish-Argentinean Ariel Makaroff meets his father in the airport for the first time since he was a baby, having left his family to fight in the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Makaroff comes to realize why his father had to do what he did, in a story both about Israel and Buenos Aries and a man caught between them.

Silence of the Sirens/Shtikat HaTzofarim (2003) –Dir. Uri Inbar

Silence of the Sirens poster via IMDB

This film follows the 10 days before the start of the war, focusing on how all the warning signs were ignored and how easily things could have been prevented.

Shell Shock/ Helem Krav (1988) – Dir. Yoel Sharon

Shell Shock image via IMDB

Even after the war’s end, peace still hasn’t come to two of its soldiers, who struggle with severe PTSD. One in particularly, Micha, was a photographer who wished to celebrate the war with his friends by taking a celebratory snapshot. However, a stray shell landed and kill most of his squad, leaving Micha so traumatized he refuses to ever touch a camera again. Following his recovery, the film showcases how the effects of war can last even long after its end.

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