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Saeed and Elessily to perform at GUC

Sun, Oct. 1, 2017
CAIRO - 1 October 2017: The great Egyptian-Moroccan singer, Samira Saeed, and the famous Egyptian singer, Mahmoud Elessily, will perform in a concert scheduled for Thursday, October 12 at the German University in Cairo (GUC) at 7 p.m.

Saeed was born in the Moroccan city of Rabat in 1958, and started singing when she was only nine years old, through the famous Moroccan talents discovery program, “Mawaheb,” which was broadcasted at the time on Royal Moroccan TV.

Most of her lyrics were Egyptian, and sung in Arabic dialect, but she also recorded some songs in Moroccan, such as: "Kifash Tlakina" (How we Met), "Fayetli Sheftek Shi Marra" (I've Seen You Once), "Sarkouh" (They Stole Him), and "Al Behhara" (The Mariners).

Her singles included "Maghlouba" (Beaten) and "Wa'ady" (My Love). Saeed presented a number of Egyptian hits that were very popular in Egypt such as: "Ben Leef" (The Circle of Life), "Sayidati Sadati" (Ladies and Gentlemen), "Malich Enwan" (Ready When You Are) and "Akher Hawa" (Last Love).

Elessily is an Egyptian singer and composer who was born in 1982. In 2003, he released his first video clip named, ‘’Magnona’’ (Crazy), achieving booming success, skyrocketing Elessily’s popularity. Among his famous songs are “Rayeh ala Feen’’ (Where Are You Going), ‘’Tabat w Nabat’’ (Happily Ever After), and ‘’El Fostan el Abyad’’ (The White Dress) among others.
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