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Hany Shenouda to head lecture

Thu, Sep. 14, 2017
CAIRO – 14September 2017: Legendary composer and musician Hany Shenouda will head a lecture at Amir Taz Palace entitled “Esmaa’ Wi Ee’raf” (Listen and Learn) on September 14.

“Esmaa’ Wi Ee’raf” lectures are a series of lectures introducing a number of classic and modern songs followed by a detailed explanation of their psychological impact and musical characteristics.

Shenouda expresses his explanation in Arabic, giving illustrated examples. He also opens the door for the audience to participate.

Zegzag and Ahmed Sayed will perform a number of classic and modern songs with Shenouda at the upcoming event.

Shenouda is a legendary musician and composer who contributed to changing the form of the Egyptian song.

He headed the iconic ensemble El Masreyeen, which he formed in 1977, making it one of the early ensembles in Egypt.

The ensemble is known by a number of hits, such as “Matehsebosh Ya Banat” and “Mashya El Sanyora”.
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