Photo: Fragment from promotional media (official event page) Photo: Fragment from promotional media (official event page)

El Gezira Arts Center to host exhibition sponsored by Namnam

Wed, Sep. 13, 2017
CAIRO - 13 September 2017: El Gezira Arts Center will hold a visual arts exhibition on September 12 that will run until September 27.

Sponsored by the Minister of Culture Helmy al-Namnam, the exhibition will showcase various forms of visual arts including photography, painting and sculptures.

Tahani El-Adly, Sara Fuad and Ghaida Zakaria will be opening the exhibition with their own works. Adly’s work, titled “Creativity with No Limits”; Fuad’s photography series, “Stories of China”; and Zakaria’s portrait photography, “a Sign of Love.”

El Gezira Arts Center is a gallery that displays modern contemporary art. With over 10,000 multimedia artworks, the center examines the improvement of modern art in Egypt in the 20th century.
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