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Akhil Sharma promotes book 'A Life of Adventure and Delight'

Mon, Sep. 4, 2017
CAIRO – 4 September 2017: Indian-American author Akhil Sharma visited the UK in August 30 to tour and promote his latest book release, 'A Life of Adventure and Delight', a short story collection relating to life in India, America and as an Indian-American.

In an interview conducted with The National, Sharma discussed his motivations for writing the book and how his life experiences tied into it. “I don’t know if you find a home in exile, but you learn to be comfortable with yourself, and that's a big issue for these issues," the National quotes him on the gist of the book.

Sharma's works examine the absurdities of life through the cultural lenses of an Indian-American, criticizing and praising the quirks of culture. His debut novel 'An Obedient Father' was a gruesome story of a young girl's abuse under her father. His second novel 'A Family Life' was the longest and hardest for the author to work on, taking over 12 years.

It followed an Indian family who gradually fell apart following a tragedy where the eldest son hits his head in a swimming pool and suffers severe brain damage. Not only was the story a grim but honest examination of personal tragedy, the book also looked at how Indian families respond to mental illnesses and shame.

The draft that eventually turned into 'A Family Life' is included in 'A Life of Adventure and Delight' as the short story 'Surrounded by Sleep'. It adequately captures the collection's blend of hardship and humor.

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