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Foofwa D’Imobilité to host solo dance at Pro Helvetica

Sat, Sep. 2, 2017
CAIRO – 2 September 2017: Pro Helvetica is hosting a one-man dance performance show by Foofwa D’Imobilité from September 12 to September 14.

The solo dance performance is called ‘Condanced Histories’, and its story tells the history of dance. It aims to show that dance existed from the beginning of time in different variations.

D’Imobilité examines the complex forms of dance that were established over the period of 125 years that are still incorporated in other techniques today.

To deliver his message to the audience, D’Imobilité creates the stage setting and costumes by singing their descriptions as well as dancing his way through history. The performance is part of ‘Breaking Walls Festival’.

D’Imobilité is a Switzerland-based artist who has had various performances before including; ‘The Contractor’, ‘Self as Another’, ‘Uterus Interior Room’, ‘Musings’, and ‘Useful: Restoring Body’ amongst others.
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