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Theatrical performance Case in Recovery to stage AUC Falaki

Thu, Aug. 31, 2017
CAIRO – 31 August 2017: The theatre play “A Case in ICU” [A’deyah Fi El Enaa’sh] will be performed on AUC Falaki Theatre on September 18.

The play will be performed by a number of children who suffer from poor social lives, alongside the participation of young actors.

It will be organized by the Jesuits Cultural Center and the 'Arts and Life for Children Who Face Danger' initiative.

“A Case in ICU” is written by Caroline Kamal and Mazin Mohamed, and directed by Raa’fat El Baioumy.

The Arts and Life for Children Who Face Danger initiative aims to save children who suffer from bad social lives to reshape their characters and way of thinking.
Involving them in artistic workshops that include acting, shadow plays, painting and music is the initiative's main method of guidance and teaching.

“A Case in ICU” is not the first play that was presented by the children. They previously performed several plays such as Everyday Tales [Hekayat Kol Youm] and When We Met [Lama Etaa’belna].
The crew also performed on a number of stages such as the Jesuits Cultural Center.
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