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Venice Sala Web will stream films from collection

Wed, Aug. 30, 2017
CAIRO – 30 August 2017: As part of the 74th Venice International Film Festival, the 6th edition of the Venice Sala Web will be streaming a selection of movies from its official collections, announced on Tuesday.
The streaming will include Orizzonti and Biennale College sections. The festival will also be expanding to include films that are not entering into the competition and from the Cinema nel Giardino.

This opportunity allow film lovers across the world to be able to partake in Festivals that are far away from, with full backing from the Festivals, thus creating a mutually beneficial situation.

Some of the films that will be available for viewing include, from the Orrizonti selection; the Iranian film Bedoune Tarikh, Bedoune Emza (No Date, No Signature).

The Iranian film starts on September 2, and Iranian/Qatar production Napadid Shodan (Disappearance) begins on September 8. From the Biennale College; the Lebanese film Martyr will start on September 1.

Approximately 400 digital tickets will be available for each film, and will go on sale at the website Festival Scope.
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