Fragment from promotional material, courtesy of Jesuit Film Festival official event page Fragment from promotional material, courtesy of Jesuit Film Festival official event page

Jesuit festival to organise Hakaya el Ganoub workshops

Sat, Aug. 26, 2017
Cairo-August 26-2017: The fourth edition of Jesuit Film festival is to feature short low budget documentaries workshops named ‘’ Hakaya el Ganoub (Upper Egypt’s tales) that are meant to educate all the aspects pertaining documentaries industry.

The workshops were scheduled to start first in Aswan, then Sohag followed by workshops in Minya governorate. But Noha Rezk the festival director announced later that the first workshop will start in September 9 to September 23, in Nubia.

‘’ The Egyptian documentaries producer and director Hala Galal will going to train the participants in Nubia workshop how to produce, direct, montage as well as writing the scripts of the documentaries’’ said Rezk in a released statement.

The second workshop will launch in Sohag governorate from September 25 to October 9, where it will feature a lecture by the Egyptian director Adham El Safty; while the third workshop will take place in Minya from October 11 to October 25.

Rezk explained that organizing these workshops in Upper Egypt is meant to build bridges of communication with the people of Upper Egypt in efforts to limit the centrality of cultural and artistic activities in Cairo. The workshops also seek to highlight the emerging talents in the film industry in the south of Egypt.

Jesuit Film Festival is a non-profit cultural-cinematic event held in Cairo and other governorates in Upper Egypt. The Festival was tailor made to participate in the development and establishment of the local arts and cultural science of film whether Feature Films or Documentaries.
Jesuit works to make intercultural dialogue through culture bridges between centralized capitals and Upper Egypt governorates.

The fourth round of the festival will take place from September 9 to November 11; it is organised annually by Al-Nahda Association for Cultural and Scientific Renaissance.
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