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Zahi Hawass invites Americans to visit Egypt

Thu, Aug. 17, 2017
CAIRO - 17 August 2017: The world-renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass delivered a lecture organized by Warren County Public Library, Bowling Green, U.S., at Sloan Convention Center on Tuesday, August 15.

Audience members have come from different states to attend the lecture on royal mummies. The greatest discovery in Egyptian archaeology was mummies’ caches in 1871; then, it was moved to Cairo in 1881, Hawass said during the lecture.

He told the audience of 2,000 people that Egypt is safe; inviting them to visit the country. He stressed that police are keen on securing the archaeological sites and protecting tourists, adding that tourism in Egypt is a main factor for the restoration of Egyptian antiquities.

Hawass, one of the most distinguished archaeologists worldwide, has many discoveries to his name. His recent discoveries include the Tombs of the Pyramid Builders and the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

Warren County Public Library, established in 1930, conducts its work by bookmobile at schools and library stations housed and lent by volunteers in their homes, churches and businesses and schools. Warren County Public Library chose the book collections.
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