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Amélie screening at Magnolia

Sun, Aug. 13, 2017
CAIRO - 13 August 2017: French film, Amélie will be screening at Magnolia Leaves of Art on August 14.

The film premiered in 2001.Directed by, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, it tells the story of Amélie a young woman born in France. During her childhood and after a mistaken diagnosis, her father, who works as an army doctor, thinks her heart is sick.

Her father prevents her from leaving the house and begins her home schooling at the hands of her mother. This causes Amelie to be in a state of isolation and introversion.

Amélie starts working at a coffee shop near her house at the age of 22, but is still an introvert and has not yet succeeded in any romantic relationship. Her life changes completely as a result of some events arranged by fate, and the girl sets out on a quest for love.

The event is free admission.

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