Agni Verma – Press Photo Agni Verma – Press Photo

Sitar recital by Indian Agni Verma to be displayed in Cairo

Sun, Aug. 13, 2017
CAIRO – 13 August 2017: Indian Embassy in Cairo celebrates its 70th Independence Day by displaying a music performance Sitar Recital by Shri Agni Kumar Verma on August 18 at the Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture in Zamalek.

International accredited Indian musician Angi Verma is known for performing as a Sitar Soloist in India’s renowned music conferences and mahotsavs (festivals) and abroad, according to his published biography on India- art gallery.

Performing at the age of 10 years old, he plays music instrument called Sitar by combining his left hand and his right hand on it as he was considered the Sitar Maestro. He has been awarded several prizes locally and internationally including the Pryag Gaurav Award and the Sur-mani Award from Mumbai.

Verma has recently achieved a world record, where he played Sitar for 60 hours non-stop leading his name on the World’s Best Book of world records.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens earlier to observe the country’s Independence Day as ‘Sankalp Parva’ and called upon them to support social causes and encourage innovative ideas on that day in India, according to Indian NDTV.
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