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The Egyptian Museum celebrates Nile Flooding day

Sun, Aug. 13, 2017
Cairo – 13 August 2017: The Egyptian Museum located in Tahrir Square will celebrate the Nile flooding day by organising two free guiding tours to its visitors.

‘’ The two tours will be in Arabic on August 18 and 24, but if an English language tour is needed it will be provided upon request’’ said Elham Salah head of the museums sector at the Ministry of Antiquities. The museum piece of the month is a limestone Qstrava describing Hapy the Nile God. It was chosen to reflect the importance of the Nile.

‘’ The tours are tailor made to know more about all the displayed artefacts that are related to the Nile such as the boats.’’ recounted Sabah Abdel Razek the director general of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

It is worth mentioning that the flooding of the Nile was made to celebrate the natural cycle of the Nile. In the Pharaonic Era, they used to take two weeks holiday starting from August 15, to celebrate this occasion known as ‘’ Wafaa El-Nil".
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