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New book series examines modern Arab designs

Sat, Aug. 12, 2017
CAIRO – 12 August 2017: Two new book series examine the work of influential Arab designers such as Dia alAzzawi and Abdulkader Arnaout.

They are the third and fourth installments of a published by Khatt Books titled the 'Arab Design Library', and hosted by the

Sursock Museum

on a Book launch last Thursday, August 10.

The goal of the series is to spread awareness of the modern world's influential Arab graphic designers, illustrators and typographers, particularly those who were active in the 60s-80s, as that was a period of intense development throughout the Arab world in both culture and politics.

In speaking of that time, director and founder of the Khatt Foundation, Huda AbiFares told The Daily Star that "It was a period of dynamic optimism and cultural activism, and design was used as an egalitarian means of spreading novel and progressive ideas."

The two books, "Abdulkader Arnaout: Designing as Visual Poetry" by Yasmine Nachabe Taan and "Dia al-Azzawi. Taking a Stand: Activism Through Graphic Design" by Lina Hakim are both available at for €29.50 (LE 620)
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