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Harry Potter's childhood house goes on sale

Fri, Aug. 11, 2017
CAIRO – 11 August 2017: The house where world famous wizard Harry Potter gained his scar and lost his parents is now on the market.

Known as the 'De Vere' house, the home was used for the set of Harry Potter's childhood home in the movies, in a fictional English village called Godric's Hollow. In real life, the De Vere house is situated in Suffolk, and belonged to the De Veres, the richest family in England after the royal family. The long history spans all the way back to the 14th century, making it a valuable piece of history in both our world and the wizards.

The house, divided in two, boasts a few lavish features such as six bedrooms, two kitchens, two bathrooms, a dining room, a drawing room and a reception hall. A garden at the back features a lovely array of flowers including Roses and Lavenders. With a Grade I listing, the house fetches a rather hefty price of £995,000, though it's befitting of a place with so much magical history.
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