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Om Kalthoum film in Venice International Film Festival

Sat, Jul. 29, 2017
CAIRO – 29 July 2017: Directed by Shirin Neshat, the film “Looking for Om Kalthoum” will be competing in the 74th Venice International Film Festival according to a released statement by Egyptian actress Yasmin Raeis’s official page on Saturday.

Starring Raeis, the film revolves around the legendary Arabic singer Om Kalthoum and her ambitions in breaking all social and gender norms in an inherently conservative society. The movie was filmed in Austria and Morocco through a joint production effort between German, Austrian, Italian and Moroccan institutions.

Raeis has previously played the protagonist in the film “Factory Girl” by the late director Mohamed Khan and has won the Best Actress award for her role at the International Dubai Festival, among others.

The 74th round of the Venice International Film Festival will be directed by Alberto Barbera and runs from August 30 to September 9 at the Venice Lido.

The festival aims to raise awareness about international cinema through diverse formats of arts including art, entertainment and dialogue, according to the festival’s official website. The festival also pays tributes to renowned artists and delivers contribution awards to works honored in cinematic history.

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