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Punishing Qatar regime is victory to terrorism victims: MP

Tue, Jul. 4, 2017
CAIRO – 4 July 2017: The Qatari Regime holds the direct responsibility for the killing of those souls lost to Qatar-sponsored terrorism-related attacks which have recently inflicted Egypt and other Arab countries, the Undersecretary of the Parliament’s Human Rights committee Ali Badr said on Tuesday.

"There are many proofs of Qatar’s support to terrorism, in addition to it being shelter to terrorists who issue fatwas that support the killing of the innocents.” Badr added.

Prosecution of Qatar will be skin to giving to a tribute to the martyrs, he added.

It has to be mentioned that Egyptian social media users expressed their rejection of showing any leniency in dealing with the tiny emirate of Qatar by launching a hashtag- #Egyptian_blood_Is_Precious- condemns Qatari support for terrorist groups committing crimes inside Egypt.

The popular campaign documents the crimes and massacres undertaken by groups funded by the tiny emirate, where several Egyptians were killed and suffered from untreatable injuries. The campaign pledges to not forget the Egyptian spilled blood and sacrifices to contain the terrorism provoked by individuals sheltered in Qatar, such as the leaders of the outlawed terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptian citizens participating in the campaign said they are keen to win the war against the terrorism funders in the region, also to have justice for those who sacrificed their lives in the battle against extremism.
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