British Ambassador to Egypt John Cassen - File Photo British Ambassador to Egypt John Cassen - File Photo

U.K. Amb.:“Qatar should take neighbors’ concerns seriously”

Mon, Jun. 19, 2017
CAIRO – 19 June 2017: The U.K. ambassador to Cairo, John Casson, said that “Qatar should take its neighbors’ concerns seriously and do more to address support for extremist groups,” during an iftar gathering Sunday.

He praised the efforts of Kuwait in this critical period. He also added that he “hoped there would be no further escalation” between Qatar and other Arab states.

The United Kingdom is communicating with all parties involved in order to understand exactly what is needed to end the diplomatic tensions between the countries, according to Casson.

Qatar’s relations with several Arab and Gulf States have been strained since May 24, when the Qatari state-run news agency reported Sheikh Tamim Al-Thani’s statements regarding Gulf foreign policy with Iran, describing it as “unwise.” On June 5, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Kuwaiti Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad started a tour on June 6, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar in an attempt to mediate between the three countries.
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