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Clinical trial draft law discussed by Parliament

Thu, Feb. 21, 2019
CAIRO – 21 February 2019: A special committee of the Parliament was held to re-discuss the controversial articles of the clinical trial draft law that President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi rejected.

The special committee includes Minister of Health Hala Zayed, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Omar Marwan, President of the Legislative and Legal Council Bahaa Abu Shakha, Parliamentarian Nabil el-Gamal, Parliamentarian Hany Abaza, Parliamentarian Magda Bakry, Parliamentarian Ayman Abul Ela and Parliamentarian Leila Abu Ismail.

The committee held an elementary meeting in January to set all procedures and steps that will be taken to put the new law into effect.

This is the first time the presidency rejects a draft law and asks the Parliament to reconsider it. The reason was the prevailed argument that states that the draft law is still incomplete and needs further inquiry.

The main cause for rejecting the clinical trial draft law is based on article number 60 that states that the human body is holy and that any aggression, distortion or harm of the human body is considered a crime. It is forbidden to conduct any scientific experiment on the human body without taking consent of the patient’s family.

All organizations involved in medical research, such as universities, clinical centers, institutes and scientific research centers represented only 4 percent of the whole ratio. Meanwhile, medical and clinical researches allocate 97 percent of conducted researches at these institutions. Hence the representation ratio does not really screen the whole percentage of conducted researches.

Moreover, all punishment articles are the same in all cases, ignoring that each research is different from the other and hence punishment should be imposed on each case separately.

The objection letter of the president also included the issue of banning sending human samples abroad, which contradicts with encouraging students to conduct more medical research.

The committee met on Thursday to find solutions for these argumentative articles that need to be modified. The committee listened to opponents, government and Parliament representatives’ reviews to extract the best solutions.

The clinical trial law has to meet the principles of the constitutional and legislative articles and reach a format that satisfies all concerned parties.

These principles also have to focus on getting the utmost benefits of the Academic and Scientific Research Organization (ASRO) and guarantee the protection of all participants in scientific research.
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