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On Parliamentary table: Proposal to implement electronic payment of litigation charges

Fri, Dec. 14, 2018
CAIRO – 14 December 2018: Member of Parliament Mohamed Foad presented a proposal to Ali Abdel Aal, Speaker of the Parliament, asking him to direct a proposal to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance on adding electronic payment for payment of litigation charges.

In a statement to Egypt Today, Foad said that the proposal aims to provide electronic payment services for the fees of litigation so that the payment methods vary between payment using credit/debit cards, mail or payment points, with the aim of mitigating congestion in the ministry-related affair and to facilitate procedures for citizens.

Foad went on to explain that the proposal comes within the framework of the administrative reform plan and Egypt’s efforts to reach sustainable development, which represents a vision of the comprehensive development line being witnessed in the country, and seeking to achieve more financial coverage in accordance with the laws and global trends in adopting policies that reduce money handling and encourage the use of financial instruments, like e-banking.

The MP demanded that proposal be referred to the Complaints and Proposals Committee for consideration in preparation for transmission to the ministries and appropriate authorities.

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