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Sisi's 7 decisions at the end of Africa 2018 Forum

Mon, Dec. 10, 2018
CAIRO – 10 December 2018: Concluding Africa 2018 Forum held in the Red Sea city of Sharm El-Sheikh, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi described the forum as a big opportunity to affirm Egypt's care about the African continent and its interests.

Egyptian President Sisi said that achieving security, stability, development and modernization are the most important ways of confronting the political, economic and social challenges in our continent.

"Egypt will always be supportive of efforts to strengthen African cooperation in particular and international cooperation in general," President Sisi stated.

"I Believe in the necessity of exerting the utmost effort to better the future of Africa and complete Egypt's effective role in working for the continent's renaissance," Sisi said, adding that he decided to:

1- Establish an investment risk guarantee fund in Africa to encourage Egyptian investors to channel their investments to Africa, participating in the development of the continent and taking advantage of the enormous opportunities available in Africa.

2- Negotiate with international institutions and development partners to support infrastructure as the basis of real development, including expediting the completion of the Cairo-Cape Town route, to expand trade between the continent's countries.

3- Facilitate the work of African companies in Egypt to stimulate joint investments and benefit from the continuous development in the Egyptian economy.

4- Enhance technical cooperation with the African states in the areas of investment in human capital, digital transformation, management of international finance, governance, and monitoring and evaluation systems.

5- Establish a fund to invest in information infrastructure, with the aim of supporting the technological development and digital transformation in the continent to build modern economies based on the latest technological systems.

6- Cooperate with African countries in the fields of governance and anti-corruption through the exchange of expertise, training and rehabilitation of concerned bodies in the continent to spread the culture of governance and eliminate corruption.

7- Launch the second phase of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption (2019-2022) in celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day, activate the National Anti-Corruption Academy, and provide 250 training grants to African cadres working in the anti-corruption field.

Several officials from Egypt and other African countries attended the last session of the forum. The forum included 10 African presidents and 2000 businessmen from all over the continent.

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