Egyptian army soldiers stand guard in North Sinai – Reuters
Egyptian army soldiers stand guard in North Sinai – Reuters

North Sinai’s residents: stability restored in north Sinai

Sun, Oct. 21, 2018
CAIRO – 21 October 2018: After several months of fighting terrorism that caused turmoil for the past 2 years, stability and security in North Sinai have been restored, bringing some relief to the residents.

One of North Sinai’s residents, Mohamed Hamdan, said that during the previous period, North Sinai’s residents could take hours to move from one place to another inside the governorate due to the security measures, including checkpoints, ambushes, and barriers.

On the contrary, he added, nowadays he could travel from Sheikh Zuweid to El-Arish in less than half an hour, proving, as he referred, that North Sinai is currently witnessing stability and security.

North Sinai has been in lockdown for seven months as the Egyptian military has launched Sinai Comprehensive Operation to uproot terrorism from North Sinai’s cities.

As a result, residents have been subjected to restrictions on travel and severe shortages of food, medicine and fuel; in addition, schools and universities have been closed off due to the ongoing operation.

In this regard, El-Arish’s residents pointed out that their suffering, caused due to the war against terrorism, is relieved as gas stations have been reopened and taxi stands have resumed their work between El-Arish and other North Sinai cities and between El-Arish and other governorates such as Cairo and Ismailia.

Head of Sinai Reconstruction Authority in El-Arish Mostafa Ayash stated that 13 development communities are being built in North Sinai, including houses, farms, agricultural areas and training centers in Central Sinai and Bir al-Abd areas, worth around LE 56 million.

He added that fish farms have been established to increase income and provide training and job opportunities for North Sinai residents, referring that more projects such as poultry farms and packaging of olives will be carried out.

Meanwhile, North Sinai governorate announced the list of completed projects in Al-Rawda village as many homes have been upgraded by Misr Al-Khair Foundation, Orman Charity Association, Al-Azhar, Sinai Reconstruction Authority and the Ministry of Housing.

Furthermore, LE 35 million were allocated for establishing sanitation projects in Al-Rawda village, including the construction of treatment plants by the National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation and renewing water network.

The Ministry of Electricity agreed on installing 60 electricity meters to the families of martyrs and victims, and LE 7.5 million were dedicated to construct modern youth centers in the village.

The army and police started on February 9, 2018, a comprehensive military operation in Central and North Sinai to uproot terrorism.

Presidential spokesman Bassam Radi said the Sinai 2018 Operation is a result of a series of military efforts and investigations since 2013.
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