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Banned from traveling in Egypt? Terror lists, extra cash top reasons

Sat, Aug. 18, 2018
CAIRO – 18 August 2018: Egyptian authorities have prevented scores of citizens from traveling outside the country for many reasons; the most prominent being security prosecution or being included in the terror list.

According to lawyer and legal expert Abdul Rahman Anani, these are the reasons which led to the prevention of travel abroad;

- If the Technical Office of the Attorney General issued a report to prevent travel; regarding involvement in criminal cases.

- If the travelers are on the terror list.

- If they are escapees from military service.

- Possession of amounts exceeding $10,000 or the equivalent of other currencies.

- Possession of drugs in large quantities, especially if they are on prevention lists.

- Possession of medication included in the narcotics schedule, except if the travelers have treatment fees and medical reports.

- If the traveler is included on the travel ban list for security pursuit.

According to Prevention of Travel Law, there are 11 official bodies entitled to send a report to prevent people from traveling abroad such as the attorney general, investigations judges and the assistant minister of justice for illegal gain.

Counselor Michel Halim said that all international conventions, treaties and laws have been involved in temporary travel ban but if the traveler submitted the Proof of Innocence, the competent authorities will cancel the ban on travel.

Since the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi on July 3, 2013, Egypt has put several figures on a terrorist list because of their attempts to incite chaos across the country.

The terrorist members are defined in the law as those who would commit attacks either inside or outside Egypt. Those members who are blacklisted in accordance with the law are “placed on travel ban lists, prevented from entering the country, have their travel passports withdrawn, are not allowed to have new travel passports, lose the stipulation of good reputation, and shall not be allowed to join Parliament or take charge of public posts." The designation decision can be appealed.
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