Photo via Youtube - Omar Ibrahim al-Dieb in latest IS video Photo via Youtube - Omar Ibrahim al-Dieb in latest IS video

Muslim Brotherhood’s deceptive stunt of forced disappearance

Thu, Feb. 15, 2018
CAIRO – 15 February, 2018: Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood has been caught red handed in exploiting “Forced disappearance” in Egypt with the intent of protecting citizens turned terrorists.

The group was keen in more than an incident to promote false information which accused Egyptian Ministry of interior of kidnapping and assassinating civilian victims, only to be discovered later that those very victims have joined terrorist militias such as The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Sinai Province, or ISIS militias in Libya and Syria.

Forced disappearance is a term coined by the International human rights law, It refers to cases of citizens secretly abducted or imprisoned by the State’s apparatuses.

The abduction cases witnessed a sharp increase following former President Mohammed Morsi’s ouster; some of the cases were based on vague information and misrepresentation.

However, Muslim Brotherhood propagandas managed to utilize the forced disappearance to provide a cover for young individuals lured into joining terrorist groups.

Terrorist groups have been active in recruiting young volunteers lately; a process was successful thanks to Muslim Brotherhood media outlets which were eager to blame the Minister of Interior for those young citizens’ disappearance.

Mohammed Al Dola’i

Mohammed Al Dolai was reported forcibly disappeared in April 2015. The engineering student was claimed to be in Security custody by several News outlets affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood. Al Dola’i was later found to be operating as a terrorist militia fighter in Sinai under the Alias “Abu Mosa’ab El Masri”. El Masry appeared in a video footage released by ISIS in 2017, the young terrorist threatened to assassinate as many security officers as possible, calling citizens against ISIS ignorant infidels.

Hisham Abdel Wadood

Another college student from Sharqia governorate, Hisham Abdel Wadood was reported a victim of enforced disappearance in August 2015. Abdel Wadood’s messages to his own family were intercepted by Libyan Army fighting ISIS militias there. The Muslim Brotherhood Propagandas falsely named Abdel Wadood a victim of Security forces violations, alas Abdel Wadood was known as an ISIS fighter in Libya.

Omar Ibrahim al-Deib

In their latest video released concurrently with Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018, the Islamic State (IS) announced that one of the Egyptian young men who were claimed by TV programs affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to have been arrested by police, had actually joined them as a terrorist in Sinai a long time ago.

In the video released on February 11, Omar Ibrahim al-Dieb appears laughing, telling how he and his colleagues “proudly” targeted several checkpoints affiliated with the Egyptian army and police. “We are getting stronger every day. We promise you with more harsh days to come,” Dieb said.

The intended message of the video was to say that the terrorist group has not been affected by the latest army operation; however, they proved that Brotherhood-affiliated media was lying. The video showed a number of well-known anchors saying that Dieb was studying abroad and that his only guilt is that he is the son of one of the senior MB leaders.

“When he came back home to his family, the police arrested him,” one of the TV anchors said, claiming persistently that it was a forced disappearance.

“Omar left his home and family and came to join us in Sinai after knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood’s method was not the right or proper way to implement Sharia Islamic law within societies,” the IS video stated.
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