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Int'l conference in Brussels discusses Arab-Qatari crisis

Sat, Feb. 3, 2018
CAIRO - 3 February 2018: "The current Arab crisis between Qatar and the boycott quartet of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE will not end as long as Doha is persisting on funding and backing terrorist groups including the Muslim Brotherhood and militias in Syria and Iraq," that is what most of the European, Arab politicians agreed on during an international conference held on Friday in Brussels.

The conference, titled “The Gulf diplomatic crisis, confronting terrorism funding,” was held in the EU headquarter on Friday, aiming to assure that European and Arab countries have to cooperate together to prevent Doha from financing militias and terrorist groups around the world.

It was added in their final statement that the cooperation between the countries and governments to fight international terrorism should be enhanced and increased during the coming period.

“This conference is a real good opportunity to confront terrorism and extremism in the world. Qatar's support to the armed groups around the world is one of the main reasons behind the Gulf currant crisis,” French politician Rachida Dati said during the conference.

Dati added that most of the Islamic and Arab world leaders found that their countries’ stability and security depends on their efforts to confront terrorism and the extremist thoughts.

The conference also tackled the relations between Doha and Al Qaeda according to international investigations.

The conference was organized by Brussels International Center for research and human rights (BIC), where several European and Arab politicians were present.

On June 5, Qatar was hit by its biggest diplomatic crisis in years after multiple Arab nations, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E. and Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Doha and imposed economic sanctions, accusing it of funding terrorism, a claim Qatar rejects. The Arab Quartet halted all land, air and sea traffic to and from Qatar and withdrew their diplomats and ambassadors from the country.

The Arab quartet issued 13 demands to Doha – then shortened them to six principles - which included turning down the provocative voice of its news channel, Aljazeera, curbing relations with Iran and not to intervene the domestic issues of Arab nations.

The demands were met by Doha's procrastination, which aborted all attempts of middling to solve the dispute.
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