People protest in Tehran, Iran December 30, 2017 - picture obtained from social media. REUTERS. People protest in Tehran, Iran December 30, 2017 - picture obtained from social media. REUTERS.

Iranian protests eliminate MB, Qatar, Turkey: Expert

Tue, Jan. 2, 2018
CAIRO – 2 January 2018: Political experts believe that the ongoing protests in Iran against the regime’s economic restrictive measures deem a real end to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the authoritarian regimes in Qatar and Turkey.

“The MB was the main supporter of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1978-1979 against Mohammad Reza Shah under the auspices of the United States’ administration,” Iranian expert Mohamed Mustafa told Egypt Today on Tuesday.

He added that the U.S. played a significant role to convince the Arab region of the idea of the so-called re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate.

“The model of the extremist Iran, after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini led the 1979 revolution and ousted the democratic rule of Reza Shah, was about to take place in Egypt after the 2011 revolution,” Mustafa added.

Mustafa manifested that Iran has sought to tear the Arab region apart; however, Iran may be torn apart by the ongoing protests.

“While Iran is suffering from a political crisis, the Brotherhood group is powerless now,” Mustafa stressed. He anticipated that the Iranian political earthquake may reach Qatar and Turkey.

The Iranian demonstrations began in Iran's second city of Mashhad on Thursday before they spread to the capital city of Tehran. On Friday, Iranian police dispersed anti-government protesters in the western city of Kermanshah, the Farsi semi-official news agency said, as protests spread to Tehran and apparently several other cities a day after rallies in the northeast. The outbreak of regional unrest reflects growing discontent over rising prices and alleged corruption.
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