Former President Mohamed Morsi in a trial session – File Photo  Former President Mohamed Morsi in a trial session – File Photo

6 facts about Mohamed Morsi’s ‘Prison Break’ lawsuit

Sun, Dec. 17, 2017
CAIRO – 17 December 2017: Witnesses in the “Prison Beak” lawsuit will finish delivering testimonies on Sunday in the re-trial of former President Mohamed Morsi and others by Cairo Criminal Court. The re-trial was started ten months ago upon the decision of the Court of Cassation.

The following are the most important facts regarding the lawsuit:
1) The re-trial comprises 28 defendants including Morsi, the Supreme Guide of the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie, his deputy Rashad Bayoumi, Guide Bureau Member Mohie Hamed, former Parliament Speaker Mohamed Saad El Katatny, and brotherhood leader Essam El Eryan. The aforementioned names were all sentenced to death. That is in addition to 20 others who were given life sentences.
2) The prosecution that started in 2013 took place over 23 sessions.
3) The number of cars used for prison break in 2011 is 500 as indicated by the testimony of Major General Essam Lotfy, head of parcel 430 at Wadi El Natroun Prison.
4) The administrative chief of Abou Zaabal Fertilizers Company testified that three loaders were stolen from the company. These were used for prison break at Abou Zaabal Prison as revealed by investigations.
5) Ninety-nine defendants were sentenced to death during the first trial.
6) Twenty-one were sentenced to life in imprisonment during the first trial.

On January 28, 2011, prisons holding terrorism defendants and other convicts were attacked by militants who trespassed into Egypt through its eastern borders to free prisoners including Morsi. The re-trial judge is Chancellor Mohamed Sherine Fahmy. The last session was held in November when the court listened to witness testimony.
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