Prime Minister of Qatar, Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa. file photo Prime Minister of Qatar, Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa. file photo

Qatari PM attempts to internationalize Gulf crisis

Wed, Nov. 1, 2017
CAIRO – 1 November 2017: Prime Minister of Qatar, Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa, disappeared immediately after the Gulf crisis to internationalize it, hoping to gain international support and sympathy, stated QatariLeaks on its official Facebook page.

Bin Khalifa met Theresa May and signed a suspicious deal worth £5 million ($6.6 million) to secure London's support against the Arab quartet's demands, following that with a message to the president of Sudan who later announced his neutrality towards the crisis, QatariLeaks explained.

QatariLeaks described the Qatari prime minister as the enemy of freedom, indicating that he personally leads the violent arrest and repression of his people especially the Qatari officers who oppose the Qatari regime's policy.

The Qatari regime has no intentions of responding to Arab Quartet’s demands, which entail halting its funding and support of terrorism and extremism.

It became necessary for the Qatari regime to resolve the situation by responding to the demands before the next Gulf Cooperation Council Summit or irreversibly leave the GCC, the article stressed.

“Qatar’s membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council should be suspended since it does not deserve the honor of belonging to the alliance,” tweeted Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa.

On June 5, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen decided to cut all diplomatic ties with Qatar, hurling allegations that the state supports terrorism. Ports and airspaces were cut off to Qatari vessels. Since then, Kuwait has played the role of the mediator to put an end to this rift. Also, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held several meetings with the disputed parties to heal the rift, but the discussions have not led to a settlement.

The Arab countries listed 13 demands to be met by Qatar, including severing ties with terrorist groups, closing down the pan-Arab Al-Jazeera satellite channel, downgrading ties with arch-rival Iran and the closure of the Turkish air base in Qatar.
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