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Qatari army leaders revolt, confirm regime is collapsing

Tue, Oct. 24, 2017
CAIRO – 24 October 2017: The Qatari opposition published on Tuesday a video revealing several army leaders disowning Tamim’s regime. The video documents insurgent announcements of army leaders as a sign of their refusal of the regime’s policies and the Turkish-Iranian presence in the country, describing it as “Turkish-Iranian occupation.”

The official opposition website Qatari Leaks confirmed that Tamim’s regime is collapsing as a result of its support to terrorism and killing innocent people.

According to the video, Nasser bin Saad Al-Thani, a major general, rejected the appointment of a Turkish commander of the armed forces. Also, Ali Mohammed Al-Rashed, commander of a Special Operations Group in the armed forces, announced separation from the forces securing al-Wajba Palace.

Jassem bin Khalifa al-Suwaidi, director of the Emir Aviation Unit, said that he listened to a phone conversation between Khaled al-Attiyah and Kassem Suleiman, revealing Qatar's support for the Iranian occupation of the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) islands. Moreover, Rashid Saleh al-Hajri, one of the Qatari forces’ leaders, announced his split from the army as a result of the regime’s policies.

Hamad bin Hazal al-Dosari, head of the Operations Unit at the Emir Guard, refused to obey orders from Turkish and Iranian officers and considered it as interference in the sovereignty of the country. Fahd bin Sultan bin Nasser al-Dossary, corner deputy head of military intelligence, said that Hamad al-Nutha, a lieutenant colonel, is from the swarm of Houthi coalition forces in Yemen and has called for his trial.

Earlier in October, Qatari Leaks exposed that the Qatari regime recruited 6,000 Somalis and 360 Sudanese to serve in the army and to protect Tamim’s regime. Somali media confirmed that Qatar’s regime shipped troops of rebels from the worn-torn Horn of Africa to quell Qataris who expressed dissatisfaction with Tamim’s policies that fund and support terrorism.

On June 5, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain severed ties with Qatar over supporting terrorism and providing safe havens for terrorists. The Arab Quartet demanded that Qatar halts funding to terrorists. A few days later, Turkish troops were deployed to Qatar.
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