Side of Palestinian parties' meetings in Cairo Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017 - Reuters Side of Palestinian parties' meetings in Cairo Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017 - Reuters

Palestinian unity gov’t to operate Rafah border by Dec.1

Thu, Oct. 12, 2017
CAIRO – 12 October 2017: Palestine’s two political rivals, Hamas and Fatah, agreed on handing over administration of Rafah Crossing Border to the Palestinian Concession Government, according to a press statement Thursday.

The statement said that the Palestinian Concession government should assume the administration affairs of the border before Dec. 1, while working on removing all division suffered problems. It also added that the Presidential Guard of President Mahmoud Abbas will operate the border, under a reconciliation deal.

Egypt, which hosted a series of meetings between both parties over the past two days, invited Palestinian factions who signed the 2011 Accord to hold their coming meeting on Nov. 21, 2017 in Cairo, said the statement.

The statement added that Egypt expressed its appreciation to both parties on positive spirit during delegation meetings in Cairo. Cairo also thanked Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over his real willing to end the decade-long division.

Both parties arrived in Cairo two days ago to resume reconciliation talks after announcing the Palestinian Concession Government assuming Gaza Strip affairs.

Hamas and Fatah movements announced earlier Thursday they reached a reconciliation deal in Cairo, expressing gratitude to Egyptian efforts for mediation role and hosting talks.

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Hamas and Fatah delegations in Cairo announcing their agreement deal as part of reconciliation talks held under the auspices of Egypt Thursday, Oct.12, 2017 - Reuters

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